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Discover PURE+ white skirtings, inspired by nature, reflecting the nature of natural wood the 80-th or universal CLIP.

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How to Installing CLASSEN Herringbone Laminate Panels

Experience the enchanting process of laying laminate panels in a fir tree design from Classen's latest collection - MANOR and VILLE. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps for a flawless installation, utilizing the innovative Megaloc Twin lock.

Water resistant laminate floors

Water resistant - modern floor panels are often made so that standing water does not cause them to swell. If the model you choose is guaranteed waterproof, water will not affect its condition even for 48 hours. This is what CLASSEN floors are like!

Floors For A Better Tomorrow

CLASSEN is already a pioneer in its sector in the implementation of the European Union’s “Strategy of Plastics”, which calls for product design that ensures subsequent reuse through the functioning collection and recycling of waste.

Strong antibacterial properties

CLASSEN, which subjected its products to independent tests of antibacterial properties, has decided to meet the needs in this area. According to their results, CLASSEN laminates not only meet the ISO 22196 standards, but even exceed the required values specified by it three times.

The Blue Angel certificate – what does it mean?

When we speaks about German Quality, we often have in mind: durability, reliability and longevity, and what about ecology? Our neighbours beyond the western border, developed The Blue Angel certificate over 40 years ago. That symbol can be found in specification of many floors of Classen brand.

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