When we speaks about German Quality, we often have in mind: durability, reliability and longevity, and what about ecology? Our neighbours  beyond the western border, developed The Blue Angel certificate  over 40 years ago. It is given to products, which are safe for  environment and humans. That symbol can be found in specification of many floors of Classen brand. Why?

The Blue Angel (Blauer Engel)certificate is included to the oldest, and also the most recognisable eco signs. It was created in 1978 in Germany under the aegis of Ministry of the Environment. Until today it has spread in western Europe countries and it was  given to dozens of thousands of products and services from diffrent categories. Among them inter alia are  interior furnishing materials,  electronics, solar panels, office equipment and cleaning services. What decides about giving this eco-distinction?

How to gain the Blue Angel certificate?

In  certification process take part independent group of jurors, which includes inter alia: business representatives, green organisations, consumers organisations, academic communities, trade unions, and also German local and federal authorities. They make a detailed analysis of resources processing and production of products procedure and they assess it terms of  minimizing of harmful influence on the environment.

The criteria, which are considered by jurors are different, depending on the category of product, which opinion is given and goal of protection. Some of them are: saving in exploatation of resources, reduction of polution, limitation of waste creating and possibility of reusing of them and reduction of noise level.   

Certificate gain goods and services, which are stood out from the background of other products and  initiatives, which type is the same, they arre considered as enviromental champions. For consumers, who care about planet’s good, and who consciously search for eco solutions it means, that they make a good choice. 

What Blue Angel means in case of floors?

The Blue Angel stamp on packages of Classen laminated panels confirms, tat on every stage of production we cere about limitation of negative influence on enviroment. We care about rules and counteract of wastage. Our panels are featured by incredibly small level of volatile organic compounds. Products from rich  Ceramin® range are PVC-free and also other harmful substances. All of these provide healthier air in rooms, and thenks to it, that elements of Megaloc and Megaloc Aqua Protect clip systems can be used many times, the reduction of waste number is possiible.     If You are interested in eco floors topic, You should read the text titled ‘’Ecological floor, what is it?’’, from which You will know more about properties of our panels.