Classen Group

The CLASSEN Group is represented in many economic regions around the world.

CLASSEN laminate floorings are produced in Baruth with a capacity of 80 million square metres p.a.

In Kaisersesch has been the home of the production facilities for all CERAMIN-based products

About Us

For almost five decades we have been creating products for your home

CLASSEN was established in 1963 in Kaisersesch, Germany, where one of the Classen factories, as well as the head office of the company are located. The second German factory is located in Baruth. In the Polish market the company entered  in the year 1990, as Gorex Sp.zo.o., and in 1996 it was transformed into Classen-Pol S.A.


Since 2005 the company has own manufacturing facilities in Zwonowice near Rybnik (Silesian Voivodeship). Thanks to this investment, over 500 people have been hired. The production lines and warehouses encompass the area of 46 000 sq m. The factory produce interior doors,fronts, skirtings and kitchens. The Polish head office serves Eastern Central European market.


1990  start of the company –  production of the skirtings and the kitchen fronts
1996  market launch of the laminate flooring
1997  foundation of Classen-Rus
2000 start of the construction of a new factory in Zwonowice
2002-2003  further investment in Zwonowice:  new production facilities and warehouses development
2005  a new door factory development in Zwonowice – start of an independent production of  doors and door frames
2009 start of the production of adjustable door frames in Lubsko
2010  another production facility development and transfer of the production of adjustable frames to Zwonowice
2013  start of the framed door production
2014  purchase of a painting line and start of the laquerded doors production in Zwonowice
2015  start of the kitchen production
2016 start of production of Noox skirting boards
2017 introduction of digital printing technology for skirting
2018 opening of the CKC in Kraków (Classen Competence Center)


The idea of the CLASSEN Group is based on creating additional benefits for trade partners – DIY supermarket groups, wholesalers, and specialist retailers. After all, there are many suppliers of wood and wood-based products, but …

… only a few who have put together an attractive and harmonious range of wood and wood-based products for DIY supermarkets and wholesalers, like CLASSEN
… only a few who can deliver their range, sorted and even in small quantities, to many countries in Europe within just a few days, like CLASSEN
… only a few who have a really efficient production department with a high vertical range of manufacture at integrated sites, like CLASSEN
… only a few who boast capital-intensive installations engineering in Germany and labour-intensive production lines in Poland, like CLASSEN
… only a few who exclusively offer “Made in Germany” quality for laminate flooring production, like CLASSEN
… only a few who are dedicated to sustainability and protecting resources and the environment, and who consistently implement and observe these principles in practice, like CLASSEN.

And there is no other company which offers all of these advantages together, like CLASSEN does!

  • Easy availability of resources in DIY stores

    Easy availability of resources in DIY stores

  • Eco-friendly production

    Eco-friendly production

  • 300 decors in the offer

    300 decors in the offer

  • Own know-how

    Own know-how

Interesting facts about Classen

One of the biggest factories in the world

Two production facilities in Kaisersesch and Baruth

Several dozens of products, several hundred of decors

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