Experience the enchanting process of laying laminate panels in a fir tree design from Classen’s latest collection – MANOR and VILLE. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps for a flawless installation, utilizing the innovative Megaloc Twin lock.

Collection MANOR and VILLE: Elegance and Style

Ville Prades Oak

Classen’s laminate panels from the MANOR and VILLE collections offer not only excellent quality but also aesthetics and style. Designed with elegance in mind, they are perfect for creating a fir tree design, adding a unique character to any room.

Megaloc Twin Lock: An Innovative Solution

In the process of laying laminate panels, the lock plays a crucial role. In the Classen collection, we use the innovative Megaloc Twin lock. This solution ensures not only easy assembly but also durability and stability after installation. Megaloc Twin ensures that the panels seamlessly connect, eliminating the risk of gaps or shifts.

Conclusion: Create Your Own Paradise

Installing Classen laminate panels in a fir tree design with the Megaloc Twin lock is not just a practical task but also an art. With precision and innovation, you can now create a space full of elegance and style in your own home. Explore the secrets of the MANOR and VILLE collections, creating a unique arrangement that reflects your personal taste.

In contrast to conventional herringbone floors, CLASSEN does not require left and right planks and consists only of A planks.

You can download the assembly instructions here.