Water in contact with the floor, which is made of wood or is non water-resistant, will seep into the board and to the core of the plank, which will then expand and warp. Damages caused by water are irreversible and they can cause a mildew in the floor. Laminate flooring has a lot of advantages: nicely looking decors and structures, extraordinary durability, it is easy to clean and to install… But so far it had one disadvantage – it was sensitive to prolonged contact with water.

Thanks to our innovations, a problem of flooring being damaged by water has been completely solved!

CLASSEN laminate flooring is water-resistant, which means that it has added barriers in the form of locking system and water resistant board that prevents moisture from seeping into the core for a certain amount of time. Water-resistance means that immediate contact with water will not result in damage.

Megaloc Aqua Protect – new waterproof fold-down installation system gives you full protection, provides reliable water resistance by preventing water from entering the joints. Reliable and proven spill protection, up to 48 hours of constant contact with water.

NALFA certified

CLASSEN’s water resistant flooring has reached the best result in the NALFA test.
We have subjected Megaloc Aqua Protect products to the most restrictive tests and that is why we are sure that they will fully meet our customers’ expectations.
By carrying out strictly defined tests, North American Laminate Flooring Association determines the 48-hour resistance of laminated panels to standing water, simulating a serious fault / failure of the water system, thus exposing the joints of the panels to swelling and irreversible damage.
CLASSEN panels have made it to the first and best NALFA result group, i.e. no visible swelling on the surface. We are proud of it!

Why is CLASSEN’s water resistant flooring the best choice?

  • Modifications of the Megaloc lock – a change in the structure of the panel’s bearing board and a tighter connection between the panels, guarantees that CLASSEN panels will look like new even after many years of exploitation and cleaning.
  • Additionally impregnated edges of the lock. The customer receives 48h resistance to stagnant water. In the event of a breakdown of household appliances, it gives comfortability of usage.
  • A perfect, complex solution for the entire house – living room, kitchen, hall office or bathroom. Safe for children and pets.
  • Realistic wood looks – our wooden decors are so convincing that most homeowners can’t tell the difference between laminate and solid hardwood. Waterproof laminate flooring is typically ultra high-quality in terms of both construction and looks.
  • LLT anti-scratch – surface, which guarantees a great appearance of the floor surface even with intensive exploitation. Thanks to the LLT surface, our unique synchronous structures will gratify customers with their intact, pronounced wood pattern on their surface for many years.
  • LLT anti-static – safety for allergy sufferers – no dust at home! A special anti-static layer prevents the formation of electric charges on the surface. It means that the phenomenon of static charge of material during normal use does not occur on our floors.
  • A minimum content of formaldehyde, Classen products are a perfect solution for people who care about the safety of users.

Find more more by downloading the Safe Flooring leaflet or visit megaloc.de