In the era of a pandemic, care for safety and hygiene has become one of the greatest priorities for each of us. When choosing materials and objects that we come into contact with on a daily basis, we increasingly are taking into account not only their durability, but also, for example, antibacterial properties. CLASSEN, which subjected its products to independent tests of antibacterial properties, has decided to meet the needs in this area. According to their results, CLASSEN laminates not only meet the ISO 22196 standards, but even exceed the required values specified by it three times.

The tests showing compliance with the ISO standard have been carried out by the independent Hohenstein Institute, which specializes in granting antibacterial certificates. In the course of the examinations, samples of CLASSEN laminated panels were subjected to 24-hour tests, which confirmed their high antibacterial effectiveness. Thus, we are proud to inform that CLASSEN products are characterised not only by high resistance to moisture and abrasion, but also to bacteria – which may be particularly important e.g. for families with small children, pet owners and all other people for whom protection against microorganisms is particularly important.

Strong antibacterial properties

Certification tests are carried out on the example of two types of bacteria that can cause various kinds of diseases for humans – staphylococcus aureus and E. coli. It is a relatively sensitive test capable of detecting long term antimicrobial effects. In order for the tested material to be certified, the antibacterial effect must be greater than 2, which means reducing microorganisms twice. In the first case, the result for CLASSEN laminate flooring was 2.8. However, in the case of e. Coli bacteria, it was possible to achieve a result almost three times higher than the required standard (5.9).

– It is worth noting that, compared to the products of other manufacturers, our panels were the only ones to achieve such good results for both types of bacteria – says Paweł Cuprjan, Classen Digital Academy Manager. – According to the test results, all of the tested CLASSEN laminate surfaces showed a significant or strong antibacterial effect – he adds.

Full protection for many years

During the tests, all types of surfaces were checked, regardless of the abrasion class, but also a wide range of structures (synchronous structure, wood or stone) – each of them will maintain a very high standard of antibacterial results. 

All tests have been performed on standard CLASSEN products, without the use of additional antibacterial coatings. This means that protection against bacteria can be used by anyone who decides to use CLASSEN panels – no additional protective films are required for this purpose. Of course, our floors will also retain their antibacterial properties, regardless of the cleaning agents used on their surface. Thanks to this, the protection provided by CLASSEN can be enjoyed for the entire time of their use.