Some people prefer shopping in stationary shop, and others ‘’hunt’’ online for the best bargains. It concerns also  furnishing articles. How to buy floor panels without leaving home? How to judge their  design and choose relevant parameters? We present entire process step by step. In the process we recommend verified tools, thanks to which it will be quick, easy and  pleasant.

Step 1. Adjustment of floor parameters to interior

Every room has its specificity, and therefore its requirements in terms of floors are diffrent. They are worthy to careful analising in case to choose the best solution. Finally it is investment for years. Simple online tool, which makes adjusment of floor panels to interior characteristics is a filtration system, which can be found  on our  website. It allows for serching of products on base of diffrent criteria among others: method of using, abrasion class, colour, structure, thickness and width of planks.

We recommend also checking the inspirations section, where we share guidelines and tips, which concern  floors  selecting for every space in the house. The particular recomedations appear there. They can be used as guideline in process of buying the floor panels. In case of any doubts or additional questions we encourage to contact with our advisors by Classen Floor fanpage on Facebook.

Step 2. Selecting of collection and pattern.

When technical parameters of the floor will be specified You can go to pattern selecting. We know how important the design of the floor panels is, that is why we prepared three online tools, which will allow for close looking at diffrent floor models and see whichone will be fitted the best to Your interior. Only tablet, computer or smartphone is needed.    

  • Classen Cloud – is the base of every floor panel from our offer. After click on the selected collection and pattern, access to its full specification is obtained. Here can be found list of properties information about  installation and  guarantee. Very important elements are photo galleries. We put floors photography in them, which are made in diffrent angles, in natural light, which includes bigger surface or shows the close-up. The last one give 3D impression – on them it can be seen very well the structure of planks, it means every  embossing and bulge, which appears on their surface. We also added photo shots which present floor which is finished by strips – in colour of panels or in white colour.         
  • Room Visualizer–the tool, which is created for Arteo floors, thanks to which You can play the role of interior designer.  It is intuitive and it represent natural  floor panels design. How to use it? You can began from selecting one of six rooms  (section ROOM) – the best room will be that one, which arrangement style is the most similar to Your’s. Next You can go to section CATALOG, in which wide range of patterns can be found. The view of all collection can be changed by clicking on M or L setting, it dapends on that, what tiles composition is more convenient to look for You. The floors photos are  available in 2D vesion (the plan view) or 3D (croping in angle, which are  exposed the planks structure. After clicking on any decor it appears immediately on the floor of the room, which is selected. Additionally, with help of icon (the rectangle with arrows) which is placed in bottom left corner of the screen, the floor panels can be turned – so that they pan out along or across of the room.
  • Configurator – the tool, which is very similar to Room Visualizer, which was described above. It allows for visualisating Ceramin® products in interior – from collection NEO 2.0, NEO Vario and Visiogrande. (the others are not available in Polish offer).   Thanks to that tool it can be seen how the panels will be presented on the floor and on dhe wall. You should  necessarily try it!

Arrangement photos of the products can be found also in our catalogs. Thanks to them the judgement, if the floor which is selected is suitable to Your interior will be easier. Materials can be downloaded here.

Step 3. Checking how many panels are needed.

When the panels selecting is behind, You can go to measuring of floor surface. You should specify very accurately its  width and length by considering every recess, roundness and atipical walls setting. You can use traditional measure or smartphone  – for that purpose any measuring app may be downloaded and you should follow the instructions. After a few click You will obtain information about installation. If you want to make calculations by Yourself, the plan of the floor can be helpful, on which the length of all walls can be writen to minimize the risk of mistake. The other option is using one of construction calculator, which are available online.

During estimating how many squere metres of panels are needed, t should be remembered about adding the surplus, which amounts 10% of room surface. During installation planks are trrimed, that is why You have to take care of their supplies. It will be useful also when over the years replacement of single panels will become necessary. In that way You will avoid  necessity of the entire floor renovation if it will be turned out, that model which you have is not commercially available.

Please pay attention on fact, that floor panels are mostly ordered for parcels and that how many planks are in parcel depends on producer (that amount is not  standardised). You for sure wil find that information on every product in online store. Some of them have calculators, which – after specifing of floor measurements – hint how many parcels of product should be bought. If the store does not offer that solution, than You have to make calcultions by Yourself. Fortunately it is not advanced maths 🙂

Step 4. Online panels ordering

To find out where our panels can be bought You can use simple browser. After setting of filters, using of GPS lacation or typing the name of the city (or the postcode), under the map will  appear the list of shops, which are in neighborhood together with their addresses. If You are interested in Arteo floors, than  You can search the nearest showroom here. A lot of shops and home improvement stores are offered option of online order making – before making a purchase the best option is  contacting with seller and seting of the details. You can easy to check if the model, which You are interested in is available in online selling by typing collection name and decor in the Google browser. From results, which are generated You should choose place which has good costomers reviews.

Step 5. You can lay the floor by Yourself

Huge adventage of Classen floors are Megaloc and Megaloc Aqua Protect installation systems. They couse, that panels can be installed by Yourself, without help of professionals or specialised tools. Laing of them is simple and does not require many hours of work. That is why after receiving of products, which was ordered from courier You can take the matters into Your own hands and begin the installation. To make this task easier we recorded nstructional video, which presents that process step by step. Good luck!