Your four corners are small in size and this lack of space overwhelms you? We know very well that the apartment is not made of rubber and its area cannot be stretched just like that.  Fortunately, it not a problem to create an impression of spaciousness in it, i.e. visually enlarge it.  Discover our three proven ways to make your interior optically gain a few extra square meters.

Small living room, narrow hall, undersized kitchen – rooms of uncomfortable size are often a nightmare of many flats, and above all a nuisance to the home-dwellers. Fortunately, thanks to an appropriate arrangement we can visually improve their proportions. And it’s not only about choosing tailor-made furniture.

Method 1: use light colours in the interior

One of the simplest, but also most effective methods to optically enlarge the interior is to use light colours. White as the base, supplemented with pastel shades (e.g. powder pink, warm beige or delicate blue). Use these colour scheme with all elements of the decor: from the walls and equipment to accessories. In the case of furniture, additionally pay attention to their texture – acrylic fronts finished with high gloss will reflect the rays of the sun, illuminating the interior. When finishing a small kitchen, you can reach for example for the Miramar collection.

On the other hand, darker colours can help to visually change the shape of the interior. Using them on the shorter walls of the elongated room, you will make its size appear more similar to a square. Horizontal stripes will also do the job – the smaller they are, the more interesting the illusion effect will be. In the case of low rooms, however, we recommend keeping a few centimetre wide strip in the upper part of the walls in the colour of the ceiling (right next to the contact line), which “distances” the ceiling from the floor.

If you have the impression that the ubiquitous white is overwhelming you, break it up with some accessories in an intense colour. You have to remember, however, not to use too many of them. It is also a great idea to hang wallpaper with a three-dimensional pattern on one of the walls, which will give the interior a depth effect.

Method 2: Use the potential of mirrors

Mirrors also play an invaluable role in space shaping.  Located opposite a window or other light source, they brighten up the whole space. You can achieve an even stronger effect by mounting them on opposite or adjacent walls. If you place them on one of the longer walls, you will get an optical widening effect.

As for small rooms, every centimetre counts, so choose practical solutions. A wardrobe with a built-in mirror will be ideal for a hall or bedroom and mirror tiles will be perfect for bathroom. Also, Ferro door (model 3), where one-sided mirror is used, is an interesting solution. Thanks to this type of proposals you will not only gain optical enlargement of space, but you will save space as well.

Method 3: Finish the floor with narrow boards

Are you preparing to finish a small flat or are you planning a thorough renovation? Think carefully when choosing a floor that can become a functional base for other elements of the arrangement. Select narrow boards (approx. 160 mm) and lay them along shorter walls, due to which you will “expand” the room. When choosing panels, apart from the width, take into consideration also their colour – models in the decor of very light oak will be ideal. Additionally, if you decide on glossy structure, the whole space will gain a subtle glow. Freedom 4V Catania Oak or Adventure 4V Barleta Oak panels will be perfect for this job.