Skirting boards are an elegant way to finish the floor. However, fixing them requires time and precision, and the choice of decors available in stores can be quite limited. The innovative NOOX skirting boards system has just been launched on the Polish market – a system which changes the perception of assembly and aesthetics of the skirting boards Connecting them is quick and easy, and the final effect impresses with a stylish look.


– For people arranging or renovating a flat, it is essential that the works proceeded smoothly and the interiors were carefully finished. With this in mind, we create products that are primarily practical – both during assembly as well as during later use. New in our offer – NOOX skirting boards are cut at 45 degrees angle, which allows to combine them comfortably and freely. Their innovative design makes us execute 50 percent less cuts than in the case of traditional skirting boards. The installation process itself is 33 percent less time-consuming than the standard one – says Marcin Gąszcz, Skirting boards Project Manager, Classen.


NOOX skirting board consists of two parts: base, or a frame, and a removable, double-sided insert. The middle element on one side has a decorative pattern, and on the other it is white (the exception is the insert finished on both sides in black). This feature allows to change the arrangement at any time – in the case of stains that are difficult to remove, damage or simply the desire for metamorphosis. Skirting boards are finished symmetrically (cut at an angle of 45 degrees), thanks to which they look great both in the central part of the room as well as in the corners. By turning them and adjusting properly, we will aesthetically finish the internal and external angles, while maintaining consistency.


Precise profiling makes the number of cuts reduced and the connections between the strips are invisible. Saving time is also due to the lack of the need to use clips, corners and connectors – mounting pins and glue are perfectly sufficient.


Innovativeness of NOOX skirting boards is demonstrated at the technical and functional level, but also applies to aesthetics.  The rich palette of colours includes products in many shades, including blue, mint, pink, burgundy, grey, black and white. Among the range offered by Classen, there are also plinths available that are adapted to all models from the Visiogrande, Loft, Galaxy 4V and Master 4V collections. The skirting boards are therefore in stone, Moroccan and wooden decors. Moreover, thanks to the use of digital printing, our customers can choose among many non-standard graphic designs.


– The digital printing method allows us not only to produce skirting boards in full colour, but also to create a variety of designs. During trade fairs, we consulted our customers and selected several themes that will work well in the rooms of our youngest ones. These are pencils, bees, a sailor pattern, as well as the Hela pattern. The latter owes its name to a 7-year-old girl, who made a drawing decorating today one of the models of the skirting boards from our offer. Thanks to such a wide range of designs and colours, NOOX skirting boards are becoming not only an indispensable element of the floor finish, but also a unique arrangement touch – adds Marcin Gąszcz.


The skirting boards are available in four heights: 70 and 90 mm. They can be purchased in the Leroy Merlin, OBI and RuckZuck sale networks.