What factors determine the durability of panels? What to take into consideration when choosing them? How to interpret the symbols, which that appear on the product packaging? Knowing the answers to these questions, it is much easier to choose a floor that will bring joy to the home-dwellers due to its original aesthetics and comfort of usage for many years.

When making purchasing decisions, many people often pay attention to the aesthetic qualities of the products. However, the technical issues should not be overlooked – they are the ones that determine, how long the floor will retain its original appearance. One of the most important parameters, specifying the durability of panels is the class of abrasion, determined on the basis of so-called Taber test. It consists in calculating, after how many turns of the abrasive material the surface layer of a panel will be damaged. In this way, it allows, at an accelerated rate, to assess the effects of daily use of the floor.

The information on the panels abrasion class the can be found primarily on the packaging of the product. This marking often takes the form of a pictogram with the letters AC and a digit. The higher the number, the better the durability of the planks. The AC5 symbol means panels with high durability, which ensures their long-term usage. Their guarantee in the residential interiors is usually about 30 years, while in public spaces – 5 years.

One of the most durable panels available in the Classen’s offer. Harmony Forte is the solution for those looking for solid planks with a modern design. Made from HDF board, which is characterized by high hardness and increased density, it guarantees high resistance to pressure and scratches. AC5 high class of abrasion AC5 is accompanied by an elegant look. The wooden structure decor, combining shades of gray and beige, will give the interior a unique, chic character. Thanks to V-groove, the floor looks as if it was made of separate solid planks, and the Megaloc system makes the installation so easy that it can be carried out by anyone without any problems.

In addition to the abrasion class, panels’ important parameters include the thickness of the planks  and the service category, also called the utility class, which determines the type of space that the floors are suitable for. When choosing a particular product, it is also important to pay attention if the edges of the planks are protected from moisture ingress. For all our collections available in our offer, a special blend of waxes, Isowaxx is used, which seals the connections between the panels, increasing their resistance to damage in case of flooding.